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PE Church Net was started over 12 years ago as a ministry to facitate unity among churches, ministries and individual Christians in the Nelson Mandela Metropole. Our work has included building a comprehensive database of churches and ministries in our area, as well as providing communications services through our website and various email newsletters. Our website currently comprises over 1500 pages of information covering diverse areas of activity including a Church Directory, Christian Business Directory, Events Calendar, Teachings, and community interest features such as Online Classified Ads, etc. Our regular emails include a weekly Events Calendar which is emailed to nearly 2000 people in the Metropole, a monthly Newsletter which reaches over 3000 worldwide, as well as regular bulletins sent out on behalf of various citywide ministries including the Metrowide Intercessors and Nelson Mandela Bay: Transformation Christian Network.

... is to see ALL churches in the Nelson Mandela Metropole who subscribe to our foundational beliefs join together to further the work of Jesus Christ to a desperately needy society.
... is to see local Christians linked together over the Internet so that vision, prophecy, testimonies, prayer needs, etc. can be quickly and easily communicated to those who care to know.
... is that people searching for truth over the Internet may find JESUS, instead of all the other false idealogies that abound.
... is to provide a quick and easy point of reference to valuable Christian resources.


During our twelve years of operation, we have seen many attempts to set up national Christian networks; regretably however most have failed after a short period of time simply because the task is so huge, and they have failed to achieve meaningful representation in the various cities and provinces. It is our opinion that the ONLY way to succeed in this is to build up an effective local network "on the ground" in a single city, or a few closely grouped towns. Once these individual networks are established, it is possible to put a covering national network in place.

This requires two things: firstly, someone to do the "leg work" of collecting data regarding local churches, ministries and events. This person needs to be in touch with citywide initiatives that are taking place in your area.

Secondly, the technology platform to make the information available to the local community, and anyone else who needs to access it. To help faciliate this process, we are developing various website templates based on our own experience that would enable similar systems to ours to be implemented in other centres, without the local community having to have a great deal of technical knowledge. We have also registered this overall website called SA Church Net ( which is currently in the development phase.

We are interested in communication with anyone who shares this vision. Please visit the PE Church Net website at or contact us at 082 979-9412, or email

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Update - 2nd February 2011

We have completed most of the work on our Church Directory, Christian Business Directory and Community modules. Please email us for info on how you can implement these modules in your area.

We will shortly be facilitating the launch of Garden Route Churchnet, serving the area from Plettenberg Bay to Mossell Bay, and including George, Knysna, Sedgefield, Wilderness and Outdshoorn

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